The global pandemic of COVID-19 has meant that we have all had to make significant changes to the way we work together and interact with one another. At Turtleback Productions we have embraced those changes and are offering our clients all inclusive broadcast packages successfully converting your live face-to-face events into engaging virtual access events which can be viewed either live or on-demand by your audiences. With our track record of successful events and conferences delivered over the last five months, you can be assured of our professionalism and support to provide you, your speakers and your audiences with the highest level of support you require.

Our live streaming package includes:
Static and motion graphics, titles & branding:
  • By providing us with your branding, we will incorporate it into your virtual event in a visually stimulating format 

  • Animated or static backdrops for broadcasted content

  • Animated or static housekeeping slides e.g. opening, closing, break, special messages

Pre-recorded videos online:
  • We provide guidance for your speakers on how to achieve the best recorded presentation

  • Pre-record speakers and their presentations, ensuring high filming standards

  • Post-production and editing, ensuring the footage is of the best quality and layering any other elements such as graphics or animation 

  • Streaming the pre-recorded video to your event for broadcast simulive

Pre-recorded videos on-site:
  • As above, plus our camera and production team will travel to any location to film the footage you require

  • Broadcasting live presenters

  • Incorporating static or animated graphics into the the live presenters stream

  • Adding lower thirds (titles)

  • Mixing pre-recorded and live content

Additional services:

We offer complementary services to the live stream:

  • Content production for speakers’ presentations

  • Adverts for your vendors to be played during the event or embedded in the event platform

To hear more and see how we can help you contact us here